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Ladies Night Out ​

​Ladies Night Out is an opportunity for the women of Grace to meet socially for fun, food and conversation.  We meet at various local restaurants at 6pm on the last Thursday of the month January through September.  There are announcements made in the Sunday bulletin, monthly newsletter and by individual email invitations.  


All are welcome!

Please contact ​Beverly Dye ( to learn more about this ministry. 

Saints and Sinner

​Saints and Sinners is an excellent way to get to know other members of the parish and to enjoy good food and fellowship.  In this Grace Church Ministry, a group of eight parishioners, including singles and/or couples, meets four times during the year to share a meal. Each group selects their own dining time and venue. Registration takes place at both campuses during the month of January each year.  

Please contact ​Ted and Linda Berriman ( and Julie and Tom Greer ( to learn more about this ministry.


Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

​The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) of the Diocese of Texas is the fellowship of ALL women of the Church and is organized to enable the women to serve our Lord through Service, Worship, Education, Evangelism and Pastoral Care.  All women in the parishes and missions of the Episcopal Church, Diocese of Texas, are members.

Our parish ECW typically meets the first Thursday of the month at 10 AM at Grace Central; all women are encouraged to attend.

Please contact ​Brenda Kilgard ( to learn more about this ministry. 


Cursillo is a movement of the church that helps members understand their individual callings to be Christian Leaders.  Learn more at

In Step is an introductory short course to help one create a Christ-Centered Rule of Life, and connect with God.  (i.e.: Walking In Step with Christ).

The word “Ultreya” means “onward” or “upward” in Spanish and is now used by the Cursillo community to signify the meeting which is held after a Cursillo or In Step experience; this meeting may be between several communities or at a local church.

Please contact ​Wanda Stimson ( to learn more about this ministry. 

Grace Book Club

​Grace Book Club is a group of people who like to read.   Our books  are usually the "greats" of literature and our discussion centers on the plot, meaning, and style.  Our focus has been famous British authors (Dickens, Trollope), writers of the "Southern Renaissance" (Welty, Spencer, Percy, Warren),  as well as Christian authors (Lewis).  There have been some great discussions, arguments, and some great surprises (especially if we read a book we all read in high school!)

Please contact ​Sue Bunton (  or Pam Haskell ( to learn more about this ministry. 

Men of Grace


​This fellowship opportunity consists of men who are either members of Grace, have visited Grace, know of someone who attends Grace, or would just like to join us for breakfast!  We meet once a week on Wednesday morning at  7:45 AM at Putters Café in Sun City.  


The Men of Grace are responsible for the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, and the occasional Sunday morning breakfast event.  During the Christmas season, there is an Angel Tree Program conducted at both campuses.  At the conclusion of the program, if there are any requests unfilled, the Men of Grace take up a collection and purchase the remaining articles. 

Please contact ​Tom Greer ( to learn more about this ministry. 

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